Project funding
Future projects and initiatives shall be funded through third party bequests and donations, donations by honorary members and/or contributions and funds from public or private bodies.

Contributions by public and private bodies and private citizens
Contributions, bequests and donations to Fondazione Stava 1985 Onlus can be paid into account at the
Cassa Rurale Val di Fiemme
I – 38038 – Tesero (Trento) – piazza Cesare Battisti 4
EUR IBAN IT98 S081 8435 6400 0000 2152 366

Fondazione Stava 1985 Onlus
Piazza Sgorigrad 2, Stava
I – 38038 – Tesero (Trento)
Italian fiscal code: 01748010228

Donations to an Onlus non-profit-making organization are tax deductible for private and legal bodies.

Donations and bequests can also be made to the Foundation.

Your financial support for our voluntary work. Thank you!