The Foundation


Active memory

“I subscribe to your decision to set up this foundation whose objective is actively to preserve the memory of past events, so that each and every one of us can assume our responsibilities.” “Unfortunately, the


The true monument to the 268 innocent victims of the Stava tragedy is the silent, ongoing, tenacious commitment taken up and carried forward for all these years by the survivors. The objective is to keep


The activities carried out by the Stava 1985 Foundation are aimed at: keeping the memory of the disaster alive; information on the genesis, causes and responsibilities for this catastrophe; education and formation directed to high


Founding members

Founding act The Stava 1985 Foundation was set up on February 7th 2002. The Stava 1985 Foundation is a non-profit-making organization (ONLUS). It is based in Stava di Tesero, Province of Trento, Italy. Founding members

Statutory Bodies

Board of Directors The Board of Directors of the Stava 1985 Foundation is composed as follows: Mr. Graziano Lucchi (chairman),Mr. Carlo Dellasega (deputy chairman),Mr./Mrs. Elena Ceschini, Roberto Fanton, Alan Barbolini, Clemente Deflorian, Massimo Cristel, Anna Olivier, Floriano Bonelli, Carla Vargiu



Project fundingFuture projects and initiatives shall be funded through third party bequests and donations, donations by honorary members and/or contributions and funds from public or private bodies. Contributions by public and private bodies and private

Roll of Honour

By resolution of the Board of Trustees, the persons and public and private boards who contribute to the pursue of the statutory obligations of the Stava 1985 Foundation by means of financial resources, cultural or [...]

How to join

Request information by email: [email protected] Fondazione Stava 1985 OnlusSgorigrad Square 2 – Stava I – 38038 – Tesero (Trento) Italian fiscal code: 01748010228