Stava 1985 Centre


Opening hours and information

The Stava 1985 Information Centre, which is indicated by dedicated signposts, is located at Stava, in Sgorigrad square, Municipality of Tesero, uphill of the Stava hotels, along the road leading to Pampeago. In front of

The films

Stava 19th July The short fictional documentary entitled “Stava 19th July” tells the story of the Prestavèl fluorite mine from the early 1960s up to the disaster on 19th July 1985. It makes use of

The educational pathway

Inside the Information Centre, one can follow the pathway illustrating the history of the Prestavèl mine and the mineral enrichment facility, the construction and building up of the tailings dams from the early ‘60s up

The remembrance footpath “Stava 1985”

The sites of the stava catastrophe Starting from the Information Centre on the StavaValley catastrophe, in Stava, the Remembrance Footpath leads first to the areas where mining activities were carried out and to the tailings

The Stava 1985 footpath on Mount Prestavèl

Starting from the Stava 1985 Information Centre in Stava, the Footpath leads to the areas where mining activities were carried out. It can be followed with the help of the “The Discovery Mountain” guidebook in


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