Il punto panoramico a quota 1500 m. sul Sentiero Stava 1985

The remembrance footpath “Stava 1985”

The sites of the stava catastrophe

Starting from the Information Centre on the StavaValley catastrophe, in Stava, the Remembrance Footpath leads first to the areas where mining activities were carried out and to the tailings dams which collapsed on 19th July 1985.

Afterwards, the pathway passes by “La Palanca” chapel in Stava, with the monument presented by the people of Vaiont and the crystal plaque which was blessed by Pope John Paul II during his visit at Stava on 17th July 1988.

The pathway ends with the visit to San Leonardo’s church in Tesero and the adjacent Cemetery where many Victims of the Stava disaster are buried, and the monument to all those who lost their lives in the catastrophe is situated.

It is advisable to wear clothes and shoes suitable for an excursion along forest paths and easy mountain trails.

The footpath requires two to three hours of easy walking. The footpath can be followed also starting from the car park near the bridge on the Stava stream, along the road that leads to Pampeago.