The remembrance footpath “Stava 1985”
Il punto panoramico a quota 1500 m. sul Sentiero Stava 1985

The remembrance footpath “Stava 1985”

The sites of the stava catastrophe Starting from the Information Centre on the StavaValley catastrophe, in Stava, the Remembrance Footpath leads first to the areas where mining activities were carried out and to the tailings dams which collapsed on 19th July 1985. Afterwards, the pathway passes by "La Palanca" chapel in Stava, with the monument presented by the people of Vaiont and the crystal plaque which was blessed by Pope John Paul II during his visit at Stava on 17th July 1988. The pathway ends with the visit to San Leonardo's church in Tesero and the adjacent Cemetery where many

Il Cimitero delle Vittime presso la chiesa di S.Leonardo a Tesero

Il programma del 35° anniversario

SABATO 18 LUGLIO 2020 ore - 17.30 - Stava - Centro di documentazione della Fondazione Stava 1985; Assemblea dell’associazione culturale “19 luglio Val di Stava”; ore 20.30 - dalla località Pesa in val di Stava Via Crucis con arrivo alla Chiesetta della “Palanca”. DOMENICA 19 LUGLIO 2020 - ANNIVERSARIO DELLA CATASTROFE ore 10.30 - Tesero – Chiesa parrocchiale di S.Eliseo; S.Messa di Suffragio in memoria delle Vittime del disastro della val di Stava e processione con preghiera al Cimitero delle Vittime adiacente alla Chiesa di San Leonardo;ore 12.30 - Stava - Chiesetta "la Palanca" Cerimonia in memoria delle Vittime del

Il percorso didattico nel Centro Stava 1985

Didactic pathway

Introduction It is important to keep the memory of what happened at Stava alive. Therefore you did well to establish the "Stava 1985 Foundation", whose duty is to keep the memory alive, in an active way, in order to make us all aware of personal accountability.In fact, the tragedy of Stava and many other similar disasters were caused essentially by the negligence of those who had been entrusted with responsibility. Carlo Azeglio CiampiPresident of the Italian Republic It is important to know why, on a summer day like many others, Stava was destroyed and 268 men, women and children died,

The film

STAVA 19TH JULY This short film tells the story of the Prestavel fluorite mine and describes the process of mineral enrichment. It makes use of highly sophisticated shooting techniques and special effects to reconstruct the various phases of the mining activities and build up of the dams from the early '60s up to their catastrophic collapse. The film was produced thanks to funding from the Autonomous Province of Trento and Municipality of Tesero, with the sponsorship of the Italian National Research Council/Group for the Prevention from Hydrogeological Hazards and Modena and Reggio Emilia University / Department of Earth Sciences. DVD

Il Centro Stava 1985

Information Centre

Opening hours Thursday, Sunday and Holidays from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. from June 15th to September 15th daily from 3.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. July and August in the morning from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. By appointment outside the opening hours: E-mail: Phone (+39)0462 81 40 60 - (+39)347 10 49 557 Brochure Description Inside the Information Centre one can watch the “Stava 19 luglio” short film and follow the pathway illustrating the history of the Prestavel mine and mineral enrichment facility, the construction and building up of the tailings dams, the collapse of 19th July 1985,

Roll of Honour

In the Roll of Honour of the Honorary Members of the Stava 1985 Foundation are registered For professional merits Dr. Giovanni Tosatti teacher of Engineering Geology at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) Dr. Andrea Mary Lord teacher of English at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) Ing. Maurizio Boaretto owner of the "B.C. Ingegneria Co.Tec." design firm, Cagliari former Manager of the Silius fluorite mine, Province of Cagliari technical advisor of the Stava 1985 Foundation Ing. Lucia Simeoni assistant professor in Soil Mechanics at the University of L'Aquila Dr.

How to join

Application for honorary membership Application for membership as supporter Fondazione Stava 1985 Onlus Piazza Sgorigrad 2 - Loc. Stava I - 38038 - Tesero (Trento) Italian fiscal code: 01748010228


Project fundingFuture projects and initiatives shall be funded through third party bequests and donations, donations by honorary members and/or contributions and funds from public or private bodies. Contributions by public and private bodies and private citizensContributions, bequests and donations to Fondazione Stava 1985 Onlus can be paid into account at the Cassa Rurale Val di FiemmeI - 38038 - Tesero (Trento) - piazza Cesare Battisti 4EUR IBAN IT98 S081 8435 6400 0000 2152 366BIC CCRTIT2T50A Fondazione Stava 1985 OnlusPiazza Sgorigrad 2, Loc. Stava I - 38038 - Tesero (Trento)Italian fiscal code: 01748010228 Donations to an Onlus non-profit-making organization are tax

Statutory Bodies

Board of Directors The Board of Directors of the Stava 1985 Foundation is composed as follows: Mr. Graziano Lucchi (chairman), Mr. Carlo Dellasega (deputy chairman), Mr./Mrs. Elena Ceschini, Roberto Fanton, Alan Barbolini, Clemente Deflorian, Massimo Cristel, Sonia Salvador, Alberto Volcan, Maria Elena Gianmoena The Committee of Auditors is composed as follows: Mr. Andrea Varesco (chairman), Mrs. Iosella Zorzi, Mr. Giorgio Zorzi.


Founding act The Stava 1985 Foundation was set up on February 7th 2002. The Stava 1985 Foundation is a non-profit-making organization (ONLUS). It is based in Tesero, Province of Trento, Italy. Pioneer members The Pioneer members are the Association of Victims of the Stava Valley Disaster, the Fiemme Valley Community, as well as the Municipalities of Tesero, Longarone and Cavalese. Roll of Honour of the Honorary Members of the Stava 1985 Foundation At the Foundation seat the Roll of Honour of the Honorary Members has been established. By resolution of the Board of Trustees, the persons and public and private