The Discovery Mountain

Things, objects, sounds, colours, smells, shapes often stand right in front of us, as if they wanted to greet us, but we do not even notice them.

We often think that travelling only means reaching our destination but we forget that all the things that we manage to see and hear along the way can actually be our destination, too. All those things, near and far, are most likely to seem invisible to our eyes.

Learning how to see is the first step towards learning how to appreciate, and knowledge only comes afterwards. Once we have learnt how to remember other people’s memories, then we will be ready to understand. People have been living and working in this valley for centuries.

The Stava 1985 footpath on Mount Prestavèl is not meant to tell you their long, complex and often difficult story, but just to provide a few hints, some notes that will help you and help us all not to forget.

This book contains the texts of the Stava 1985 footpath on Mount Prestavèl in English, Italian and German. The book was published by the Tourist Office of the Fiemme Valley.