Il percorso didattico nel Centro Stava 1985

The educational pathway

Inside the Information Centre, one can follow the pathway illustrating the history of the Prestavèl mine and the mineral enrichment facility, the construction and building up of the tailings dams from the early ‘60s up to their catastrophic collapse on 19th July 1985. Furthermore, the causes and legal responsibility for the collapse, the subsequent reconstruction in the Stava Valley and the factors in common with the disasters of Vaiont and Cermis are explained.

A special display case contains a number of objects related to the mining activities carried out at the Prestavèl mine. In addition, the plans of the mine and its facilities are shown on a horizontal plane and in section.

There is also an LCD screen showing footage shot from a helicopter in the immediate aftermath of the Stava Valley disaster.

In a special section devoted entirely to that tragic day, there is also a bronze model of the monument commemorating the victims of the Stava valley disaster. The monument is located at San Leonardo Cemetery in Tesero.

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Projection room


The mine of Prestavèl

  • A Valley with an ancient history
  • The Fluorite ore and its extraction
  • The concessionary companies
  • The plant for mineral concentration
  • The tailings dams for mining waste

19th July 1985 

At 12:22’55” hrs of 19th July 1985 the dam of the upper basin failed and collapsed onto the lower basin which, in turn, failed.

Pictures of the Stava valley taken from a helicopter in the early afternoon of 19th July 1985 and first broadcast by Italian Television on the regional news of Trentino.

The failure:

  • The figures of the catastrophe
  • The rescue operation
  • The funerals

After the catastrophe:

  • The Trial
  • The causes of failure
  • The 1975 “stability analyses”
  • Responsabilities
  • The Pope at Stava
  • An audience at the Quirinale Palace

The reconstruction and the analogies:

  • The juridical framework
  • Other mine
  • Before and after
  • The Vajont catastrophe and the Cermis disasters