The activities carried out by the Stava 1985 Foundation are aimed at: keeping the memory of the disaster alive;information on the genesis, causes and responsibilities for this catastrophe;education and formation directed to high school and university students, graduates, technicians and administrators who are in charge of the management of tailings dams and geotechnical structures. Details in the ACTIVITIES AND PROJECTS area.


The true monument to the 268 innocent victims of the Stava tragedy is the silent, ongoing, tenacious commitment taken up and carried forward for all these years by the survivors. The objective is to keep the memory of their loved ones alive, to banish despair and to bring about a true awakening. Not only was it a tragedy, but also a call to establish new relations among people. Life must go on, but not by removing these events from memory. Doing so would re-create, inadvertently but quite tangibly, the very conditions that led to that avalanche of mud. Franco De

Presentazione del libro "Stava Perché" al Presidente della Repubblica Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

Active memory

"I subscribe to your decision to set up this foundation whose objective is actively to preserve the memory of past events, so that each and every one of us can assume our responsibilities.""Unfortunately, the inevitable sometimes occurs. But these are not things that belong to the inevitable. These are tragedies which ought to have been avoided: the conditions which led to the tragedy should never have arisen. Time and time again we are confronted by these dramatic events. I hope that an initiative such as yours will help to keep alive the sense of duty which should distinguish anyone carrying