The thirty-fifth anniversary

The thirty-fifth anniversary

Notwithstanding the restrictions due to the containment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which imposed a minor commemoration of the thirty-fifth anniversary of theStava valley disaster, the event attracted a large number of people, well beyond the borders of the region thanks also to the live television broadcast. The only moment to commemorate this sad event was the Mass in honour of the Victims, which was celebrated on Sunday 19th July in the monumental cemetery of Tesero by the Archbishop of Trento Monsignor Lauro Tisi. The religious service was broadcast live on television and in streaming so that even those who were not

The Stations of the Cross and the Commemorative Mass

In the first anniversary of the catastrophe, the Tesero Parish Church decided to honour the event with Stations of the Cross along the Stava valley and a commemorative Mass for the Victims. Since 1986, in the evening of 18th July, the eve of the anniversary of the disaster, the Stations of the Cross are held every year at the Palanca Chapel. During this celebration, religious hymns are sung and the names of the 268 Victims of the Stava disaster are read out aloud. On 19th July, the anniversary day, another commemorative Mass is celebrated at the Victims’ cemetery by the

The Anniversary

An anniversary is commonly known as an occasion in which people come together to relive past events, usually events of social, historical or cultural importance. Basically, a moment which for most of us represents the importance of memory. Every year, since 1986, in Tesero and in the whole Stava valley the 19th July is the day dedicated to the memory of this tragic event.