General bibliography on the Stava disaster, 1985(updating: 11th July 2020) ALEXANDER D.E. (1986) – Northern Italian dam failure and mudflow, July 1985. “Disasters”, Vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 3-7, The International Journal of Disaster Studies and Practice, Foxcombe Publications, London. Also in: G. Tosatti (ed.) “A Review of the Scientific Contributions on the Stava Valley Disaster (Eastern Italian Alps), 19th July 1985”, Special Volume of the GNDCI-CNR, pp. 5-11, 2003, Pitagora Ed., Bologna. AZAM S. & LI Q. (2010) – Tailings Dam Failures: A Review of the Last One Hundred Years. Geotechnical News, no. 51, pp. 50-53, Richmond, Canada. BERLANDA

Stava three years after

The book contains the most significant pictures of the meetings between the Pope, the relatives of the victims and the people of Tesero. The book collects the full texts in Italian of the sermons pronounced by the Pontiff and the Archbishop of Trento, who also commemorated the memory of the victims on various occasions. Order the book

Sgorigrad – Stava. Identical disaster

This book, written in English, Italian and Bulgarian, describes the analogies between the catastrophe of Sgorigrad and Vratza, in Bulgaria, and the catastrophe of the Stava Valley, in Italy. On 1st May 1966, the failure of the tailings dam of the Mir-Placalnica zinc and lead mine, uphill of the village of Sgorigrad, gave rise to a 450,000 m3 mud flow which ran for a distance of 7 km as far as the town of Vratza. The incident caused the loss of hundreds of lives, as well as vast material and environmental destruction. On 19th July 1985, the collapse of the

The film

The short fictional documentary entitled “Stava 19th July” tells the story of the Prestavèl fluorite mine from the early 1960s up to the disaster on 19th July 1985. It makes use of highly sophisticated shooting techniques and special effects to reconstruct the various phases of the mining activities, the process of mineral enrichment and the building of the mineral waste facility from the early 1960s up to their catastrophic failure. The film was produced thanks to funds from the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Municipality of Tesero, with the sponsorship of the Italian National Research Council/Group for the Prevention

The Discovery Mountain

Things, objects, sounds, colours, smells, shapes often stand right in front of us, as if they wanted to greet us, but we do not even notice them. We often think that travelling only means reaching our destination but we forget that all the things that we manage to see and hear along the way can actually be our destination, too. All those things, near and far, are most likely to seem invisible to our eyes. Learning how to see is the first step towards learning how to appreciate, and knowledge only comes afterwards. Once we have learnt how to remember

Review of Scientific contributions

The book “A Review of Scientific Contributions on the Stava Valley Disaster (Eastern Italian Alps), 19th July 1985” published the scientific investigations carried out on the Stava Valley disaster from 1985 to 2003 in their original language, with abstracts in English and Italian. Edited by Giovanni Tosatti Department of Earth Sciences, Modena and Reggio Emilia University (Italy)web site Publication no. 2807 of the National Group for the Prevention of Hydrogeological Disasters (GNDCI) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, with the Sponsorship of the Stava 1985 Foundation. ISBN 88-371-01405-2©

Stava perché (Why Stava)

This book, edited by Graziano Lucchi, points out the origins, causes and parties responsible for the Stava disaster, based on the rulings resulting from the trial and the report of the inquiry by the Commission appointed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The book (254 pages and 170 illustrations) published in Italian devotes a section to the words and thoughts of those who witnessed the Stava Valley events. The first edition was published in 1995. The second and the third editions include a brief foreword by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. ISBN 88-87534-37-3 © Copyright Curcu&Genovese, Trento Order